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Mentorship Program

The Career Mentorship Program is designed to help driven, passionate early career professionals, recent graduates or students to find mentors who are leaders and more tenured in their careers. For someone who is at the beginning stage of their career, it is very helpful to find mentors to guide you along the way. Finding the right mentor could be a career defining step, and MNG Summit is excited to be the bridge between you and your future mentor.

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Mentee selection process:

Limited number of participants will be selected based on their career field, education background, and location as a mentee. There is no high requirements to be selected but mentees should be able to communicate well in English. We will consider participants’ ambitions and work ethic rather than a skillset and experience. We are looking forward to seeing our selected mentees to learn more about their career field and the develop knowledge needed to elevate their careers with the help of a right mentor.

 Mentor selection process:

Depending on the selected mentees’ information, we will work to find a mentor who match mentee’s preferences as close as possible. Mentors’ participation to the program is voluntarily based, but we will ask mentors to commit as much as they can. We ask mentors to meet the mentee at least once which we call “Ice Breaker Meeting”. After the first ice breaker meeting, it is totally up to both sides how they want to continue.

If a mentor feel like his or her experience somehow does not relate to the mentee’s career, we will ask them to refer to someone who can help better.


There is no solid duration set for the program. However, the first ice breaking meeting has to be done in person. After the first meeting, both side can decide whether or not they want to continue the mentorship. We encourage longer commitment (6+ months) to ensure there sufficient time for progress to be made.

 Evaluation and Communication:

Any sort of feedback and open communication will be appreciated. The program evaluation will be done in a year.



Anyone who is interested in the program, please apply now! Limited number of participants will be selected based on their career field, education background, and location. High priority will be given to applicants who are pre-registered and coming to MNG SUMMIT 2019.

Please fill out the following questionnaire by Mar 15th.